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Also know as persian violet. 

This little plant is new to our potted colour range and is available in three colours.

A small mounded plant that will produce many small purfumed flowers. To keep your plant flowering for longer it is best to keep removing the old flowers. Keep it in bright indoor light but not direct sunlight.

keep it moist but not wet as this plant is vunerable to root rot if it is over watered.




Thunbergia Alata

Also know as Black Eyed Susan

These new Alfresco colour bowls have bright yellow to orange flowers with black centres against green trailing foilage. With some light training they will end up becoming a large round ball of colour.

Keep these under your pergola in a partly shady position for best results.

IMG 3711



It"s Vinca Time

Vinca's just love the heat, making them the ideal summer plant either in your garden or your containers. Perfect for those hot dry areas of the garden that get full sun.

The flowers sit above bright green glossy foliage and will flower all summer until you receive your first frost. There is a colour for everyone. If you havn't grow vinca's before then you will not be disappointed.

Vinca Display 











Begonia Bossa Nova

This is a tuberous begonia that thrives in warmer conditions. Beautifull bell shaped flowers that cascade down from the dark green foliage making them an absolutly a stunning display of colour. 

Currenty available in Yellow and Red.


Begonia Bossa Nova Yellow 011217



Dichondra Silver Falls

This plant just loves to trail, weather its in your hanging baskets or used in your gardens trailing over your retaining walls or verticle gardens, it can get up to approximatly 2 metre in lenght in the right contitions.  It can handle warmer conditions so it is a great summer product.




These flowers are commonly know as pocket-book plants, pouch flowers, slipper flowers and lady's purse. The colours range from bright orange, red, yellow and tri colours. With good care they will flower indoors for weeks. Keep moist but not to wet and always water around the bottom of the plant and not over the top. These flowers are best grown in pots, containers and hanging baskets.

Can be grown in the garden but only require a small amount of morning sun. 

These are available in potted colour

Calceolaria 201117











Min: 8
Max: 29
Partly cloudy.

Min: 11
Max: 26
Late shower or two.

Min: 8
Max: 23
Mostly sunny.
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