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Amys almond silverbeet Download

This beautiful side dish goes well with all types of meats.

Beetroot Cake Download

This beautiful cake can also be served as a desert with ice cream.

Blonde Roots Soup Download

A lovely soup of parsnip and celeriac

Broad bean Dip Download

A simple dip recipe made with fresh beans from the vegetable garden.

Cauliflower Bake Download

This is the perfect dish to go with your Sunday roast. If you are looking for some extra flavour you can add finally chopped bacon to your sauce.

Coriander Pesto Download

There is nothing better than home made pesto. Use this pesto to add flavour to your pastas, salads dressings or pizza bases.

Hearty Vegetable Soup Download

Straight from the garden to the pot. This soup recipe has no limits you can use all your fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden.

Kale Smoothie Download

There is nothing better than a ultra healthy kale smoothie to start your day.

Ribollita Tuscan Bean Soup Download

There is often confusion as to what ribollita should actually be like. It is not like minestrone, as it is not brothy and it has no pasta in it. It is actually more like pappa al pomodoro, as it is thick and based on bread.

Velvet Cauliflower Soup Download

A thick creamy soup with maximum flavour. Perfect on a cold night. Great starter for a dinner party.


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