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Its time to start getting those garden beds ready for your spring planting. Petunias will last all through the summer.

There is a colour for everybody from bright colours to pastels, doubles, frilly and spreading. Petunias love the warmer weather.

Petunias can be used in garden beds, hanging baskets and pots.


Purple Petunia Landscape Garden









Available in potted colour, impact collection and seedlings.


A semi trailing plant with small daisy like flowers in shades of pink, mauve and white. 

For best results keep moist at all times and feed regulaly, if it dries out to much it will stop flowering.

Bacopa loves the heat but will tollerate part shade and will flower for a long period of time.


Bacopa Mix 260718










Available in our 300mm hanging basket


Nemesia 7th Heaven

A small compact plant with masses of tiny, sweet smelling flowers.

They come in shades of white, pinks, mauves and purple.

They are the ideal plant for borders, hanging baskets and containers.

Nemesia 130617

Available in our impact collection.


Viola Delft Blue

This amazing new China Blue viola is a sure winner when it comes to high impact colour.  With masses of small two toned blue and white flowers on compact plants, it is the ideal viola

to plant in your garden beds, hanging baskets or containers. 


Delft Blue Viola












 Available in potted colour and impact collection.


Emerald Queen Fern 

( Nephrolepis ) Also know as the Austrailian sword fern and is one of the most easiest ferns to grow. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Great for patios, offices and alfresco areas.

Emeral Queen Fern 060518










Available in our 300mm Hanging Basket.




























Min: 7
Max: 28

Min: 7
Max: 28

Min: 9
Max: 31
Mostly sunny.
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